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MW3 Aesir Cheats Public (Aimbot, Massive Kill, Non host god mode & more features)

(08-13-2017, 03:25 PM)xSicKx Wrote: The cheat contains the following features below:
Operating Systems We Support!
•Windows XP
•Windows Vista
•Windows 7
•Windows 8|8.1
•Windows 10
•32bits and 64bits Compatible

Cheat Status


•FREE (Donations are appreciated in Steam or PayPal in fact ANYTHING)

Anti Cheat Support
•Valve Anti Cheat 2
•Valve Anti Cheat 3

Game Versions
•Steam MW3 1.9.461
•Tekno MW3 1.4.382

•Aim Assistance
•Auto Shoot
•Auto Wall (Normal, Non Sound)
•Head Only (If disabled, it will scan for the best point)
•Aim Prediction
•Team Killer
•Check for Users In Vehicle (Osprey Gunner, Predator, AC-130, etc...)
•Aim at Riot Users: Normal/ Feet/ Ignore

•ESP Visuals (Global ESP check)
•ESP Name
•ESP Weapon
•Draw Enemies
•Draw Friendlies
•Kill Streak & Explosive ESP
•Compass Radar (Rotating Arrows for Enemies, Friendlies, Weapons)
•Adjust the Radius of Compass Radar
•Normal Radar
•Adjust Radar Width
•Adjust Radar Height
•Bright Colours for all Features
•Snap Lines
•2D/ 3D/ and Lilli's Boxes (Updated)
•ESP Items Visual (Colour Options)
•ESP Explosive Visual (Colour Options)
•ESP Device Visual (Colour Options)
•ESP IsEnemyVisible (Colour Options)
•ESP Colour Options for Enemies/Friendlies (Applies to radar/ compass radar/ snaplines as well): Green/ Red/ Blue/ Orange/ Pink/ Fusen/ Cyan/ Yellow/ White / Rainbow (Constantly change colours for enemies only)

•Force Field Of View (from 65 to 200) (Updated)
•Show Info: Ping/ <Non Host|I'm Host>/ Name/ BpM (Bullet Penetration Value)/ ServerID/ Entities/ Clients/ Weapon/ Health (Number and Bar Modes)/ Kills/ Kill Streak/ Head Shots/ Deaths/ XP/ KD Ratio/ Accuracy/ Score/ Server's Name
•Draw Clock (Your System Time)
•No Recoil
•No Spread
•Silent Aim
•Kill Icons Count
•Kill Icons Origin Center/ Top Left/ Top Center/ Top Right/ Bottom Right/ Bottom Left/ Bottom Center
•Kill Icons Destination Left/ Right/ Top/ Bottom
•Kill Icons Size Small/ Normal/ Large
•Kill Icons Type Random/ Head Shots/ 10th Prestige Icon
•Kill Icons Rotate
•Kill Sounds
•Kill Spam
•Third Person
•Left Gun
•Name Stealer
•Inverse Troller
•AFK Mode (Makes sure you won't get kicked for being AFK)

Always on:
•No Effects (Slowdowns - White Screen) for Flash | Stun Grenades
•No Sound for Flash | Stun Grenades

Other Options
•Force Class (Use in servers, Private Matches, Juggernaut so you use your class, or infected)
•Join the Spectators and become a bench warmer
•Force Juggernaut
•God Mode (Non host mode)
•End Round
•Full Bright

Host Features (Tekno Gods not supported)
•Force Host
•Map Changer
•Gamemode Changer

In Host:
•God Mode (Spawn with your class)
•Unlimited Ammo
•Anti Leave
•One Hit
•High Jump
•Rapid Fire
•Teleport Enemies to:
•Above of your Head
•Your Crosshair

New Features:
•Claps Everyone (Make Everyone claps their hands)
•Aesir's Bomb
•Glitch Guns
•Hear Everyone
•Visions (with custom time between effects)
•Set Volume of the Game to Zero(Mute)/ Normal/ Max

•Default Crosshair
•Rainbow Crosshair
•Lilliatex Normal Crosshair/ RainbowCrosshair (Updated)

•Save your config
•Load your config
•Leaves off your last config when closes

•The Menu is easy and simple to use
•It's Clean and efficient
•Movable Menu
•Movable Radar
•Can Close the menu


[Image: 75924c1a7c2120df7a1fd15703653db2.jpg]

[Image: b5b5be84f072e1240044a5926d92078d.jpg]


Updated 12(Dec)/15/2017
[Hidden by Hide Mod]

Enjoy folks.

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