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ULX Commands for Garry's Mod / GMOD | Full List

Here is all the commands for you!

ULX <command> * Toggles the command on everyone on the server.

ULX <command> ^ Toggles the command on yourself.

Category: Fun
ulx armor <players> <armor: 0<=x<=255> - Sets the armor for target(s). (say: !armor)
ulx blind <players> [<amount: 0<=x<=255, default 255>] - Blinds target(s). (say: !blind) (opposite: ulx unblind)
ulx cloak [<players, defaults to self>] [<amount: 0<=x<=255, default 255>] - Cloaks target(s). (say: !cloak) (opposite: ulx uncloak)
ulx freeze <players> - Freezes target(s). (say: !freeze) (opposite: ulx unfreeze)
ulx god [<players, defaults to self>] - Grants god mode to target(s). (say: !god) (opposite: ulx ungod)
ulx hp <players> <hp: 1<=x<=2147483647> - Sets the hp for target(s). (say: !hp)
ulx ignite <players> [<seconds: 1<=x<=300, default 300>] - Ignites target(s). (say: !ignite) (opposite: ulx unignite)
ulx jail <players> [<seconds, 0 is forever: 0<=x, default 0>] - Jails target(s). (say: !jail) (opposite: ulx unjail)
ulx jailtp <player> [<seconds, 0 is forever: 0<=x, default 0>] - Teleports, then jails target(s). (say: !jailtp)
ulx maul <players> - Maul target(s). (say: !maul)
ulx playsound <sound> - Plays a sound (relative to sound dir).
ulx ragdoll <players> gdoll <players> - ragdolls target(s). (say: !ragdoll) (opposite: ulx unragdoll)
ulx slap <players> [<damage: 0<=x, default 0>] - Slaps target(s) with given damage. (say: !slap)
ulx slay <players> - Slays target(s). (say: !slay)
ulx sslay <players> - Silently slays target(s). (say: !sslay)
ulx strip <players> - Strip weapons target(s). (say: !strip)
ulx unigniteall - Extinguishes all players and all entities. (say: !unigniteall)
ulx whip <players> [<times: 2<=x<=100, default 10>] [<damage: 0<=x, default 0>] - Slaps target(s) x times with given damage each time. (say: !whip)

Category: Rcon
ulx cexec <players> {command} - Run a command on console of target(s). (say: !cexec)
ulx ent <classname> [{<flag>:<value>}] - Spawn an ent, separate flag and value with ':'.
ulx exec <file> - Execute a file from the cfg directory on the server.
ulx luarun {command} - Executes lua in server console. (Use '=' for output)
ulx rcon {command} - Execute command on server console. (say: !rcon)

Category: User Management
ulx addgroup <group> [<inherits from>] - Create a new group with optional inheritance.
ulx adduser <player> <group> - Add a user to specified group.
ulx adduserid <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> <group> - Add a user by ID to specified group.
ulx groupallow <group> <command> [<access tag>] - Add to a group's access.
ulx groupdeny <group> <command> - Remove from a group's access.
ulx removegroup <group> - Removes a group. USE WITH CAUTION.
ulx removeuser <player> - Permanently removes a user's access.
ulx removeuserid <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> - Permanently removes a user's access by ID.
ulx renamegroup <current group> <new group> - Renames a group.
ulx setgroupcantarget <group> [<target string>] - Sets what a group is allowed to target
ulx userallow <player> <command> [<access tag>] - Add to a user's access.
ulx userallowid <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> <command> [<access tag>] - Add to a user's access.
ulx userdeny <player> <command> [<remove explicit allow or deny instead of outright denying: 0/1>] - Remove from a user's access.
ulx userdenyid <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> <command> [<remove explicit allow or deny instead of outright denying: 0/1>] - Remove from a user's access.
ulx usermanagementhelp - See the user management help.

Category: Utility
ulx ban <player> [<minutes, 0 for perma: 0<=x, default 0>] [{reason}] - Bans target. (say: !ban)
ulx banid <steamid> [<minutes, 0 for perma: 0<=x, default 0>] [{reason}] - Bans steamid.
ulx debuginfo - Dump some debug information.
ulx help - Shows this help.
ulx kick <player> [{reason}] - Kicks target. (say: !kick)
ulx map <map> [<gamemode>] - Changes map and gamemode. (say: !map)
ulx noclip [<players, defaults to self>] - Toggles noclip on target(s). (say: !noclip)
ulx resettodefaults [<string>] - Resets ALL ULX and ULib configuration!
ulx spectate <player> - Spectate target. (say: !spectate)
ulx unban <steamid> - Unbans steamid.
ulx who - See information about currently online users.

Category: Chat
ulx asay {message} - Send a message to currently connected admins. (say: @)
ulx csay {message} - Send a message to everyone in the middle of their screen. (say: @@@)
ulx gag <players> - Gag target(s), disables microphone. (say: !gag) (opposite: ulx ungag)
ulx gimp <players> - Gimps target(s) so they are unable to chat normally. (say: !gimp) (opposite: ulx ungimp)
ulx mute <players> - Mutes target(s) so they are unable to chat. (say: !mute) (opposite: ulx unmute)
ulx psay <player> {message} - Send a private message to target. (say: !p)
ulx thetime - Shows you the server time. (say: !thetime)
ulx tsay {message} - Send a message to everyone in the chat box. (say: @@)

Category: Voting
ulx veto - Veto a successful votemap (say: !veto)
ulx vote <title> {options} - Starts a public vote. (say: !vote)
ulx voteban <player> [<minutes: 0<=x, default 1440>] [{reason}] - Starts a public ban vote against target. (say: !voteban)
ulx votekick <player> [{reason}] - Starts a public kick vote against target. (say: !votekick)
ulx votemap [{map}] - Vote for a map, no args lists available maps. (say: !votemap)
ulx votemap2 {map} - Starts a public map vote. (say: !votemap2)

Category: Teleport
ulx bring <player> - Brings target to you. (say: !bring)
ulx goto <player> - Goto target. (say: !goto)
ulx return [<player, defaults to self>] - Returns target to last position before a teleport. (say: !return)
ulx send <player> <player> - Goto target. (say: !send)
ulx teleport [<player, defaults to self>] - Teleports target. (say: !tp)

Category: Menus
ulx motd - Show the message of the day. (say: !motd)
xgui <show, hide, toggle> - Opens and/or closes XGUI. (say: !xgui, !menu) (alias: ulx menu)
xgui fban <player> - Opens the add ban window, freezes the specified player, and fills out the Name/SteamID automatically. (say: !fban)
xgui xban <player> - Opens the add ban window and fills out Name/SteamID automatically if a player was specified. (say: !xban)

Category: FAdmin Commands

Admin Toggle:
Command Type Values Description
rp_AdminsSpawnWithCopWeapons Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable admins spawning with cops weapons(SUPERADMIN ONLY)
rp_adminsents Toggle 0/1 Whether or not SENTs should be admin only.
rp_adminsweps Toggle 0/1 Whether or not SWEPs should be admin only.
rp_advertisements Toggle 0/1 Enable/Disable chatprint advertisements.
rp_allowedprops Toggle 0/1 Whether or not the allowed props list is active.
rp_allowrpnames Toggle 0/1 Allow Players to Set their RP names using the /rpname command.
rp_allowvehiclenocollide Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable the ability to no-collide a vehicle (for security).
rp_alltalk Toggle 0/1 Enable for global chat, disable for local chat.
rp_babygod Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable People who have just spawned, are unable to die for 10 seconds.
rp_bannedprops Toggle 0/1 Whether or not the banned props list is active. (overrides allowed props)
rp_chiefjailpos Toggle 0/1 Allow the Chief to set the jail positions.
rp_citpropertytax Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable property tax that is exclusive only for citizens.
rp_copscanunfreeze Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable the ability of cops to freeze other people's props
rp_customjobs Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable the /job command (personalized job names).
rp_customspawns Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable whether custom spawns should be used.
rp_deathblack Toggle 0/1 Whether or not a player sees black on death.
rp_dm_autokick Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable Auto-kick of deathmatchers.
rp_doorwarrants Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable Warrant requirement to enter property.
rp_dropmoneyondeath Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable whether people drop money on death.
rp_earthquakes Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable earthquakes.
rp_enablebuypistol Toggle 0/1 Turn /buy on of off.
rp_enablemayorsetsalary Toggle 0/1 Enable Mayor salary control.
rp_enableshipments Toggle 0/1 Turn /buyshipment on of off.
rp_enforcemodels Toggle 0/1 Whether or not to force players to use their role-defined character models.
rp_globaltags Toggle 0/1 Whether or not to display player info above players' heads in-game.
rp_ironshoot Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable whether people need iron sights to shoot.
rp_letters Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable letter writing / typing.
rp_license Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable People need a license to be able to pick up guns
rp_logging Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable logging everything that happens.
rp_lottery Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable creating lotteries for mayors
rp_needwantedforarrest Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable Cops can only arrest wanted people.
rp_noguns Toggle 0/1 Enabling this feature bans Guns and Gun Dealers.
rp_norespawn Toggle 0/1 Enable/Disable that people don't have to respawn when they change job.
rp_occ Toggle 0/1 Whether or not OOC tags are enabled.
rp_physgun Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable Players spawning with physguns.
rp_pocket Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable pocket swep.
rp_propertytax Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable property tax.
rp_proppaying Toggle 0/1 Whether or not players should pay for spawning props.
rp_propspawning Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable props spawning for non-admins.
rp_removeclassitems Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable shipments/microwaves/etc. removal when someone changes team.
rp_restrictallteams Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable Players can only be citizen until an admin allows them.
rp_restrictbuypistol Toggle 0/1 Enabling this feature makes /buy available only to Gun Dealers (if one or more).
rp_restrictdrop Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable restricting which weapons players can drop.
rp_showcrosshairs Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable crosshair visibility
rp_showdeaths Toggle 0/1 Display kill information in the upper right corner of everyone's screen.
rp_showjob Toggle 0/1 Whether or not to display a player's job above their head in-game.
rp_showname Toggle 0/1 Whether or not to display a player's name above their head in-game.
rp_strictsuicide Toggle 0/1 Whether or not players should spawn where they suicided (regardless of whether or not they are arrested.
rp_telefromjail Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable teleporting from jail.
rp_teletojail Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable teleporting to jail.
rp_toolgun Toggle 0/1 Whether or not non-admin players spawn with toolguns.
rp_voiceradius Toggle 0/1 Enable/disable local voice chat.

Admin value:
Command Type Values Description
rp_ammopistolcost Value <Number> Sets the cost of pistol ammo.
rp_ammoriflecost Value <Number> Sets the cost of rifle ammo.
rp_ammoshotguncost Value <Number> Sets the cost of shotgun ammo.
rp_arrestspeed Value <Number> Sets the max arrest speed.
rp_babygodtime Value <Number> How long the babygod lasts
rp_deathfee Value <Number> The amount of money someone drops when dead.
rp_demotetime Value <Number> Number of seconds before a player can rejoin a team after demotion from that team.
rp_dm_gracetime Value <Number> Number of seconds after killing a player that the killer will be watched for DM.
rp_dm_maxkills Value <Number> Max number of kills allowed during rp_dm_gracetime to avoid being autokicked for DM.
rp_doorcost Value <Number> Sets the cost of a door.
rp_healthcost Value <Number> Sets the cost of health.
rp_jailtimer Value <Number> Sets the jailtimer. (in seconds)
rp_lotterycommitcost Value <Number> How much you pay for entering a lottery.
rp_maxcopsalary Value <Number> Sets the max salary that the Mayor can give to a CP.
rp_maxdrugs Value <Number> Sets max drugs.
rp_maxfoods Value <Number> Sets the max food cartons per Microwave owner.
rp_maxletters Value <Number> Sets max letters.
rp_maxmayorsetsalary Value <Number> Sets the Max Salary that a Mayor can set for another player.
rp_maxnormalsalary Value <Number> Sets the max normal salary.
rp_maxvehicles Value <Number> Sets how many vehicles one can buy.
rp_microwavefoodcost Value <Number> Sets the sale price of Microwave Food.
rp_normalsalary Value <Number> Sets the starting salary for newly joined players.
rp_npckillpay Value <Number> Sets the money given for each NPC kill.
rp_paydelay Value <Number> Sets how long it takes before people get salary.
rp_pocketitems Value <Number> Sets the amount of objects the pocket can carry.
rp_printamount Value <Number> Value of the money printed by the money printer.
rp_propcost Value <Number> How much prop spawning should cost. (prop paying must be enabled for this to have an effect)
rp_quakechance_1_in Value <Number> Chance of an earthquake happening.
rp_respawntime Value <Number> Minimum amount of seconds a player has to wait before respawning.
rp_runspeed Value <Number> Sets the max running speed.
rp_searchtime Value <Number> Number of seconds for which a search warrant is valid.
rp_vehiclecost Value <Number> Sets the cost of a vehicle (To own it).
rp_walkspeed Value <Number> Sets the max walking speed.
rp_wantedtime Value <Number> Number of seconds for which a player is wanted for.

Action commands:
Command Type Description
rp_addowner Action [nick|steamid|userid] - Add a co-owner to the door you're looking at.
rp_arrest Action [nick|steamid|userid] - Arrest a player for a custom amount of time. If no time is specified, it will default to 120 seconds.
rp_chatprefix Action Set the chat prefix for commands (like the / in /votecop or /job).
rp_grant Action [tool|phys|admin|prop|cp|mayor] [nick|steamid|userid] - Gives a privilege to a player.
rp_kick Action [nick|steamid|userid] - Kick a player. The reason is optional.
rp_kickban Action [nick|steamid|userid] - Kick and ban a player.
rp_lock Action Lock the door you're looking at.
rp_own Action Own the door you're looking at.
rp_removeletters Action [nick|steamid|userid] - Remove all letters for a given player (or all if none specified).
rp_removeowner Action [nick|steamid|userid] - Remove co-owner from door you're looking at.
rp_revoke Action [tool|phys|admin|prop|cp|mayor] [nick|steamid|userid] - Revokes a privilege from a player.
rp_setaalary Action [nick|steamid|userid] - Set a player's Roleplay Salary.
rp_setmoney Action [nick|steamid|userid] - Set a player's money to a specific amount.
rp_tell Action [nick|steamid|userid] - Send a noticeable message to a named player.
rp_unarrest Action [nick|steamid|userid] - Unarrest a player.
rp_unlock Action Unlock the door you're looking at.
rp_unown Action Remove ownership from the door you're looking at.

And there you, not sure if any were missed, but all I could come up with.
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