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Staff Applications

```1. Minecraft Username```
```2. What time zone are you in?```
```3. Why do you want to become staff?```
-**I really like the server and the people in it , I enjoy helping people out as much as I can and as a staff member I will be able to help in more ways than I currently can at the moment.**
```4. How many hours do you have on Minecraft?```
-**Idk about hours because ive been playing this game since beta/for like 10 years **
```5. How would we benefit from you becoming staff?```
-**Im active in the server quite often even on school days , i can watch over the server and deal with any issue if there isnt any staff online, also i can help u find or make new plugins**
```6. What experience do you have with being staff? Please provide detailed list, along with the servers you have had experience on. (IF ANY)```
-**About the experience thing i do have alot , i dont think i can provide it in detailed list because from the past years that i played minecraft ive been in alot of servers and ive been staff/moderator in most of them , some of them i even owned (the server had an average of 30 people per day and it was quite active) **
```9. How old are you?```
-**Currently im 15 years old but ill be 16 soon**
```10. Do you have a mic?```
-**I do indeed have a mic **
```11. Are you able to type in a legible format?```
-**Well about that u can be the judge from above and the time we played/build stuff together**
```12. How much time will you be putting into this server a week?```
-**Alot of time-- everyday for atleast 6 hours**
```13. Will you be able to get a long with our current staff?```
-**Yes or atleast i hope so im very friendly and i would like to make new friends** ||

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