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Best Mining Method for CASH, how to get the best bang for you buck FAST (>=4gb/gpu)

Hello, this tutorial will be quick and straight forward.

I've done lots of strenuous testing for best mining method for getting daily pay outs.

2miners now offers the solution.

You can mine eth for nano by setting your wallet address as your nano address instead of eth.

Nano has NO fees. (relatively)

**So how do I start mining?**

Well you need a wallet, nano is offered through +, get an account there.

Now get the deposit address for NANO, save it for your EASY miner setup.

Download the miner:
Trex 0.19.x-0.24.x
SG Miner (Based on CG miner)

SRB Miner

I usually google "gminer github" grab the official github link and download releases. Here is your quick shot.

As of writing 2.7.0 is the newest.

I'm on windows so clicking

Download, extract:

It give you a dozen or so pre-formatted .bat files that are easy 1 click miner solutions basically. Most miners come with some already setup, you just have to right click the file / Edit with notepad, or open with notepad. I use notepadd++ so i navigate to it. Probably drag and drop on a notepad.

You get this.

miner.exe --algo ethash --server --user 0xB8816B94Eee05614Da401F3EdE31152e6719DDB5


Where --user is what comes next is the wallet for ethereum you will usually see 0xblahblahblah 0x signifying that it's an ethereum based wallet.

Well toss that crap aside we got nano.

miner.exe --algo ethash --server --user nano_3o8jkhyrwdrumrt4med7nh7uzh6z4azcgg8um8x5qt5h9q4trae4eqqoew4y


If you want to get a little more spicy and have a larger gb size card, try dual mining.

miner.exe --algo ethash --server --user nano_3o8jkhyrwdrumrt4med7nh7uzh6z4azcgg8um8x5qt5h9q4trae4eqqoew4y --pass [email protected]:5555


You can create a text document change the extension to .bat and it will work the same. Just make sure the miner.exe is in the same folder so the program starts with the supplied params.

And wait for it to cash out. Mining nano you will get daily payouts.
Eth payouts are ridicilous right now but its the HIGHEST paying mined coin. So get it in NANO or ZIL at binance, change it to USD and be able to cashout once you get 20$ or take it to a different coin and you can withdraw at 10$ from app.

Some people don't feel comfortable holding it in exchanges. Atomic wallet is a great multi walllet software available on app store and windows 10. They have nano wallets + zil. You can also exchange to other coins within the app.

If you don't want to mess with exchanges feel free to message me. I have discord and can help you out with almost anything.

Enjoy guys!
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