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News - Retro Shooter Jamestown+ Lands On Nintendo Switch This December

Retro Shooter Jamestown+ Lands On Nintendo Switch This December

Update: The publisher has confirmed that Jamestown+ will hit Nintendo Switch on December 12th.

Original story (Thu 1st Aug, 2019 16:30 BST): Top-down retro shooter Jamestown+ has its sights set on Nintendo Switch, it has been confirmed. The game will be launching for the console in Q4 2019.

The game will arrive with new updates and improvements – which will incidentally be added to the already-existing PS4 version when the Switch edition becomes available – and, as the co-founder of Final Form Games puts it, will give all players “the chance to experience Jamestown the way we originally intended”.

Players use just three buttons – Fire for basic attacks, Special for powerful weapons, and Vaunt for a bullet-eating, score-amplifying shield – and will need to learn how to take advantage of that shield to gain points for your team. You see, this is a four-player game, where you and your teammates will coordinate attacks by choosing from eight ships with different weapons. We’ll let the press release set the scene:

Sir Walter Raleigh has been sentenced to death in the Tower of London. In hopes of securing absolution for his “crimes” by solving the mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, Raleigh flees to 17th-century British Colonial Mars.

Board his Conveyance, a rocket-sled equipped with dreadful munitions, and set course for Britain’s well-known Martian colony — Jamestown. Guide Sir Raleigh on his journey to take down the deranged, power-hungry Conquistador and his armies of deadly robots and bizarre Martian warriors – and help him learn to fight for a cause bigger than himself.

It’s said that the game’s bullets and enemies are easy to see thanks to its hand-crafted retro artstyle, and that you’ll find 20 unlockable challenge levels, five difficulties, and an “emotionally-stirring” orchestral score waiting for you.

The game will be available from the Nintendo Switch eShop for $17.99.

Does this one have your name all over it? Fire a comment our way down below.

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