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1. Steam Profile Link: (Please use method above) 1. Steam Profile Link: (Please use method above) kysll is my ID,

2. What time zone are you in? Pacific time zone.

3. Why do you want to become staff? I would like to become staff because this server needs some more admins when people start joining. I have had experiences of being an Admin in other servers too.

4. How many hours do you have on GMOD? Total of 648 Hrs.

5. How would we benefit from you becoming staff?
Really no possible way to say I'll "Benefit" Besides me doing my job and not Causing trouble and that you get another admin on your server with experience on commands and more.

6. What experience do you have with being staff? Please provide detailed list, along with the servers you have had experience on. (IF ANY) I have had Experience on DayZ, Unturned and G-mod mainly.

7. Do you Know how to use ULX? Yes I'm Familiar with this I'm happy you're using it so Admin Commands can be more easier.

8. How old are you? I'm 15 1/2.

9. Do you have a mic? Yes, For sure.

10. Are you able to type in a legible format? Yes I'm able to type in a legible format.

11. How much time will you be putting into this server a week? Around 4-8+ hours a day in every day of the week besides Tuesday.

12. Will you be able to get a long with our current staff? I'm am more then capable putting up with players I'm sure I can handle staff hopefully they're nice.

Accpeted Go to The Ts FOr interview

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