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Server Suggestions -Timothy

One suggestion would be FIX THE ADVERTS xD I don't remember how to fully fix the adverts but if you install this  adverts can be used regularly with the command "/ad"
To get rid of the advert billboards set "GM.Config.maxadvertbillboards" to 0 in the settings.lua file.

Next suggestion would to be to replace the rest of the old Darkrp hud,scoreboard and etc.

Also about the ninja class you should remove its current climb swep as it can be abused so easy like flying, clipping through props/bases, etc and replace it with maybe this one as this one is used on many popular servers such as GarnetGaming.
Other than that the server has been really great keep up the good work  Angel

Thanks for your suggestions!
The advert system, after reading through that thread, it appears there is problems with that system. I have however disabled adverts completely because yes they are annoying and are replaced with 3d2d textscreens.
Besides i think ooc is perfectly fine.
The ninja's swep, I'm not sure if climb swep is near as good. I will work on tweaking it, but for now it is VIP only.
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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