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News - Upcoming Prodeus DLC ‘The Elder Veil’ Looks Utterly Ridiculous And Brilli

News - Upcoming Prodeus DLC ‘The Elder Veil’ Looks Utterly Ridiculous And Brilli

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<p>Publisher Humble Games has revealed an upcoming ‘mini-campaign’ DLC expansion for the excellent FPS <a href="">Prodeus</a>.</p>
<p>All we know at the moment is that the DLC is ‘coming soon’, so we don’t have a release date in place just yet, but we’ll certainly keep an eye out. In the meantime, the above debut trailer showcases what players can expect from the expansion’s gameplay.</p>
<p>We’ve got a new grappling hook that seems to take inspiration from the likes of <a href="" class="external">Halo Infinite</a> and <a href="">DOOM Eternal</a>, while the overall aesthetic has a certain ‘<a href="">Bayonetta</a>‘ vibe to it, don’t you think? The enemies boast angelic wings and halos, looking like they’ve been plucked straight from Paradiso and into the firing line of your beloved Super Shotgun.</p>
<aside class="gallery"><figcaption class="caption"><em class="credit">Images: Humble Games</em></figcaption></aside>
<p>We’ll keep you updated on the eventual release date for <a href="">Prodeus</a> upcoming expansion. Hopefully it’s not too soon; we’re ready to jump back in ASAP!</p>
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<p><em>Are you excited for this Prodeus expansion? What do you make of the first trailer? Let us know with a comment.</em></p>

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