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Rend Bleed Barbarian Build - Diablo IV

The Rend Bleed Barbarian is a build using Rend and Rupture to stack bleeds in your enemies and finished them with a great Rupture. Most of our points are allocated to bleed abilities or on buffs which help us generate Fury, and increase our damage or our survivability. Until you get Rupture, you can just tell your dungeons while applying bleeds with Rend and Flay and allow the enemies to die (cool guys don't take a look at explosions or undead dying from bleed damage). This build is created so you can have fun using the Rupture skill. However, whenever we hit level 25, we want to include an Ultimate skill in the Skill bar but we're lacking space. You will either drop Leap, War Cry, or Rallying Cry depending on your needs.
Basic Skill - Flay: Flay the enemy, dealing damage and inflicting a bleed. Enhanced Flay allows Flay to make the enemy vulnerable and Battle Flay boosts the damage our target takes from Bleeds for some seconds, a debuff we wish to be active all the time.
Core Skill - Rend: Cleave enemies before you, dealing damage and inflicting an awful bleed over 5 seconds. We add Enhanced Rend to create Vulnerably to keep going longer and then you can choose which passive you would like depending on your needs. If you don't have any Fury problem, take Violent Rend. If you have Fury problems, probably because you dropped Rallying Cry to have an Ultimate Skill, take Furious Rend.
Defensive Skill - Rallying Cry: This Shout increases your Movement Speed and Resource Generation for any short time for both you and your allies. Enhanced Rallying Cry grants Unstoppable while active, after which you have two choices. Spamming Rend is the core of the build, so taking Tactical Rallying Cry increases your resource regeneration a great deal. But you might feel a little squishy, and when you start to take a great deal of damage, consider Strategic Rallying Cry which will bring in a lot of healing.
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Brawling Skill - War Cry: War Cry increases damage accomplished for both you and your allies. Enhanced War Cry grants Berserking for 3 seconds. Power War Cry increases your damage bonus if you will find 4 or even more enemies nearby. If you're experiencing survivability or playing a support role, you can substitute Mighty War Cry instead, which grants 28% of the Base Life as Fortify.
Brawling Skill - Leap: Leap is an incredibly important movement skill, allowing both horizontal and vertical changes. Leap forward and slam down, dealing damage and knocking back surrounding enemies on impact. Sadly, we do not have enough points to upgrade it but when you wish to jump around more often you can drop some upgrades in Rupture and Rend to possess more fun taking Enhanced Leap and Power Leap.
Weapon Mastery Skill - Rupture: This skill is among the new skills put into the Barbarian in Diablo 4. I desired to try it out, along with a Bleed build is perfect. Rupture skewers enemies before you, dealing damage. Then, you rip your weapon out, damaging enemies for their total Bleeding amount and Removing all Bleeding Damage from their store. The idea would be to build a great deal of Bleeds with Rend and Flay after which Casting Rupture to deal a great deal of Burst Damage. You can take Enhanced Rupture to add a little of AoE harm to Rupture after which choose between Warrior's Ruptures for additional damage or Fighter's Rupture for additional healing.
Ultimate Skill - None ?: This was the toughest part while considering this build. We have only 6 skill slots. So if we wish to take an Ultimate Skill, we must sacrifice among the other skills. Flay might get sacrificed, but we'd lose the 10% increased bleed damage. Fury generation would only originate from Tactical Rallying Cry and Furious Rend. If we wish to keep Flay, Leap and War Cry can't go, they're just too strong. So we'd sacrifice Rallying Cry, quite a strong spell that allows us to consider more damage nodes and fewer fury generation. Then we now have to take a look at the Ultimate skills with no upgrades: Wrath from the Berserker is really a nice buff but we now have nothing to enhance Berserking, therefore it loses a great deal of value, Call from the Ancient is nice but includes a poor uptime and lastly, Iron Maelstrom may be the only Ultimate skill applying bleeds but we're only thinking about 1 from the 3 effects. So at this time, I'm not convinced by raw Ultimate skills for any Bleed build but those thoughts might change after testing them.
TL;DR: taking an Ultimate skill gives us more burst but less AoE DPS, along with a Bleed Build only appears to synergize with Iron Maelstrom which feels a little weak for the time being without empowering it using its upgrades. This part of the build needs more testing to know what we can drop or if we need an Ultimate skill.
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