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RetroArch - How to Add New Images to Thumbnails/Box-Art

Hello everyone, looking to add thumbnails to your Retro Arch media? This works for generally all versions. Been done this way for quite some time.

First, let's check this directory for file that might already be there. (So you can get an idea how files should be named, hoping auto-update at least found something in your list)
If you don't see anything, just continue with tutorial, we will be explaining everything that should be there.
Also, this works for just about every version of Retro Arch. Not just 1.10.3 but even the newest now 1.11.0

Find the box art you want by searching google "boxart {game name}"

Inside of the directory above, should be different consoles you have downloaded. You can see the image below for an example. Also check the github link below for massive lists already built up.

Inside each console folder is >> "Named_Boxarts", "Named_Snaps", and "Named_Titles"

Add the corresponding png in there and name it exactly as you have the game named in RA, and it will load up

It just scans the folders for corresponding images that match game title names.
If you add the wrong one, just changing the name will remove it, or removing it works normal. Pretty hard to mess this up.

Everything is CASE SENSITIVE. If it isn't name exactly the same as it shows in RA, the image WILL NOT SHOW UP.

[Image: h2epwXm.png]

Your Playlist name should look exactly the same in the RetroArch1.10.3>>thumbnails location. Make sure there isn't a missing dash between console creator - and the version.

If you check online
They tend to name theirs like this also. So it's best practice to have the same.
If you want your thumbnails to auto grab, the names must match the github libretro link above.

Remember, everything is case-sensitive, so if you don't capitalize the right letters, nothing will pickup. Or forget a comma, not gonna work.

Checkout the image below for BAD EXAMPLES
[Image: Zw7I4F4.png]

[Image: EMnhcMy.png]

Here is an example of a properly named and managed library.
The above is just examples showing you what to watch out for.

[Image: NnCu375.png]
This library has everything right for auto-update to grab thumbnails, and the side images you see to the left. The pic of the console shows properly.

A lot of people tend to ask how to do this, so I have created a short tutorial to explain how.
[Image: RvghcKs.png]

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