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Rust: The Best Keybinds for PRO players! - SickProdigy - 07-10-2020

Players are given several default controls for basic movements like jumping, sprinting, and crouching, along with number keys for certain hotbar items. However, those new to the game may find it hard to quickly respond to sudden events. Thankfully, Rust allows players to set keybinds that allow the automation of various tasks from holding down a key to even crafting items.

Steps to add keybinds
  1. Press “F1”
  2. Type the following commands in the console
  3. Save the keybinds afterwards by entering: writecfg
Players can also navigate to the cfg folder of their Rust game directory. This is normally located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\cfg 
One can then edit the file using a program like Notepad++, instead of directly entering it through the console. This can also be used to delete keybinds from the game, instead of going into console and entering:
bind <key> ""

Flashlight when ADS
  • bind Mouse1 +lighttoggle;+attack2
  • Aiming down sight will also turn on flashlight/laser
Permanent Crouch
  • bind c duck
  • Press C to crouch permanently
  • Press CTRL to cancel
Auto Run
  • bind q forward;sprint
  • Press Q to auto-run
  • Use Shift + W to cancel
Auto Swim
  • bind 0 forward;sprint;jump
  • Press 0 to auto-swim
  • Press Space + Shift + W to cancel
Permanently Attacking or Mining + Crouched 
  • bind z attack;duck
  • Press Z to crouch permanently and auto-attack / auto-mine
  • Press CTRL + Left Click to cancel
Attack + Crouch (while key is pressed)
  • bind z +attack;+duck
  • Press Z to attack/mine and crouch
Change FOV
  • bind n fov 90bind m fov 60
  • Pressing N or M will change the player’s FOV
Change Audio Levels
  • bind comma " 1"
  • (Normal audio level)
    bind period " 2.5"
  • (Increased audio level, useful for listening to player movement)
    bind minus " 0"
  • (Turns off game audio, only voice chat is on)
Automate Chat Message
  • bind u chat.say "Nice Try"\
  • Pressing U will put everything within the quotes into chat
Auto-Craft Bandage
  • bind 7 "craft.add -2072273936 1"
  • Press 7 to auto-craft 1 bandage
Many of the popular keybinds listed above can be customized by changing the key pressed. At the end of the day, each player has a different preference on what keys they like to use.
Some keybinds will include “;” – which is used to combine two actions together using one key. Others may use a “+” sign, making it so that the keybind is not permanently activated and only when the key is pressed.
In addition, the “Auto-Craft Bandage” keybind can also be changed to craft something else entirely using the same format of:
bind <key> "craft.add <item id> <number>"
Players can find the item id of their respective items by going here.