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How to bind keys in Garry's Mod to Commands
This is very simple and a lot of people ask me how to do it.

First.) pull up your console by pressing ~ (tilde) in game.
Second.) Use this format to bind the key you want.
Bind (key you would like) "say (what you want to say or !/command)"

Make sure to put quotes "around the text and /command"
Won't work without  it.

Here is how i binded one of my keys:

Bind x "say !noclip"
bind x "ulx noclip"
^^This doesn't show up in chat, but shows up in console. All other commands work like that but I personally would not use the say command just use ulx command.
So I can easy noclip without typing it out.

also did ulx command, xgui

Bind b "say !xgui"
bind b "ulx menu"
^^This makes it so people cant see that you are clicking your bind, only shows in console.
Pull up the xgui on the fly Wink

Alright guys, hope that helped.
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]
Thanks for the info! helped alot!

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