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iOS 8.x Top 50+ Tweaks for Cydia, Jailbroken iPhones 8.1, 8.1.1. 8.1.2

iOS 8 has been an astounding jailbreak this year starting off. Taig and Pangu opened a world of possibility. The amount of Cydia tweaks is astonishing and growing daily, from functional to form fitting. No wonder why apple takes tweaks, and make them actually happen in the iOS platform. Don't be surprised when you pay for a tweak and in iOS 9 its free. lol.

On to the tweaks.

Of course, you will need to be jailbroken and you can jailbreak the newest iOS 8.1.2, 8.1.1 & 8.1 using the latest version of TaiG. The tutorial can also be found here on this website.

So here’s the official list, some of these do require a source and that source will be provided in the tweak description. Enjoy these Top 50 Tweaks!

1. Snoverlay. Get into the festive spirit with Snoverlay, one of top 50 tweaks, adds a beautiful snow overlay to all areas of iOS 8. Very light and doesn’t rob you of memory. You need to add the following source to install; “”

2. AppHeads. These are facebook messenger like chat heads in the app format. Makes for wicked quick multitasking & app switching. Looks really good too!

3. ClassicDock. Brings back the dock from iOS 5 and iOS 6 in a reimagined format. Looks really good on iOS 8.

4. Vertex. Merges Control Center with your App Switcher. Makes for a very pleasant App Switcher.

5. ColorY0urBoard8. Manage the color of your keyboard, unlimited color combinations.

6. SwipeSelection. Move the cursor when editing text without the hassle of using your finger. Also just as easily select text to copy.

7. CustomMessages. Adjust the color of your messages, the random mode is pretty neat.

8. Dye. Adjust various color hues on your iOS 8 device. From the notifications to control center to the lockscreen.

9. Dim. Allows you to dim the brightness of your device even further than iOS 8 would allow. Perfect for nighttime browsing.

9. Eclipse 2. A system wide night mode for iOS 8. Very useful for using your device at night, when the lowest brightness is still too bright.

10. SendDelay. Create a delay after clicking send when sending a message. Prevent any regrets or mistakes from reaching their destination before you can fix them.

11. PM, really? Asks you every time you set an alarm to PM if that’s what you really wanted. I could see this being really useful.

12. Phantom. Supercharge snapchat! Send camera roll photos or videos to friends or post to your story. Save photos and videos without signing into another app.

13. Facebook ++. Basically facebook on steroids. Reinstates facebook messenger within the app, no need for a separate messaging application. Disable read receipts and save facebook videos.

14. PandoraSkips. Skip an unlimited amount of songs in Pandora.

15. StatusHUD 2. Replaces the volume increase and decrease overlay with a very simple and minimalistic view in the status bar.

16. Zeppelin. Extremely old tweak, one of the best. Replace your carrier logo with a logo of choice. Anything from the batman symbol to a nike sign.

17. Power Informer. Set the low battery notification to any percentage or disable it completely. Complete control over low battery notifications including text editing.
18. Predix. One of my favorites from this batch, Predix shows you down to the second how much battery life you have left. Accurate and a good tool to have.

19. BattSaver. Uses non conventional methods to preserve battery life on iOS 8, extremely effective. Such as disable all but 2G radio when locking devices to search for notifications.

20. CyDelete8. Delete Cydia packages directly from the springboard. No need to uninstall manually from the Cydia settings. Only works for apps with visible icons on the lockscreen.

21. 3G Unrestrictor 2. Removes the restrictions set on data in iOS. Can’t download applications over 100mb? Can’t watch Youtube in high quality? This tweak tricks your device into thinking you are running on a WiFi network.

22. Power Tap. Adds functionality to your power off bar. tap the power icon once to reboot, twice to re-spring and slide, three times to place device into safe mode.

23. Priority Hub. Brings icons to the lockscreen of applications that have notifications. Very good looking interface, would recommend.

24. KillBackground8. With just the click of one button, remove all applications from the multitasking pane.

25. WinterBoard. As old as jailbreaking itself, this is one of the top iOS 8 Cydia tweaks of all time. Change the theme of your device, there are thousands of themes depending on your tastes in the Cydia appstore.

26. Springtomize 3. The ultimate powerhouse of all tweaks, modify and manipulate any aspect of your device. From control center, to dock to the screen lock effects. Incredibly diverse and useful tweak.

27. Appelancy. Face unlocking Cydia tweak on iOS 8! Unlock your device with your face. Many settings to play with including making it completely undetectable.

28. AppelLocker. Turn on face locking on individual applications. Like Bio Protect but with your camera and face.

29. BioProtect. Very functional tweak that adds an extra layer of security to your device. Have a spouse or friend creeping around your device? Worry no longer, this tweak allows you to lock individual applications with a TouchID enabled prompt.

30. LockGlyph. A very minimalistic addition to the lockscreen. Replaces the slide to unlock text with the TouchID icon taken straight from passbook. Settings such as color, speed and sound can be modified.

31. GuestMode. Enables a separate account for guests from the lockscreen. Really nice thing to have when sharing your device with others.

32. JellyLock7. Bring over the lock screen from Android to iOS 8! Very well made Lockscreen tweak that mimics Android’s, you can even set shortcut apps.

33. Stealth Cam. Take pictures secretly on your iPhone with the screen off! Make sure sound is disabled to prevent any embarrassing moments.

34. TimePasscode. Make the current time the current lock. Can also enable regular lock to work too and is compatible with TouchID.

35. Spectral. On the lockscreen, adjusts the blur in the background to the color of the album art currently displayed.

36. Acapella. Minimize the music controls in the control center, slide up to get to the volume controls. Unnecessary but cool looking.

37. Clex 2. A nice way to change and search for music without exiting the application you are currently in. Can get a bit annoying because it does interfere with the slide to go back feature in iOS.
38. Aeternum. The most complete and best working Apple Watch UI Cydia tweak. Animations are top notch and you can really tell a lot of work has been put into this tweak. Just updated with a new diamond pattern and several additional features. A must have.

39. TetherMe for iOS 8+. Enables unlimited free tethering. Completely undetectable but for a one time fee of 5 dollars.

40. SafariRefresh. Pull down from the top of any safari open page to refresh the page, saves time and your fingers from cramping.

41. BounceNotify 8. This tweak reminds you of any unseen notifications on your device by bouncing the app icon the notification is associated with. You can change the speed and height of the bounce to make it less annoying.

42. WeatherBoard. A dynamic wallpaper for your iOS device. Will display the current weather of your whereabouts in the background. Has some impressive effects and takes little to no toll on battery life or performance. Extremely well made tweak.

43. MiniPlayer. Adds a micro music player widget to your device. Hides when not needed, can be summoned from within apps, lockscreen or springboard.

44. SBFlip. Allows you to introduce iPhone 6 Plus functionality to all other iPhones. Basically, rotate your home screen on command.

45. ConvoPics. Add the iPhone 6 exclusive feature to older devices. Adds contact photos in the message list.

46. Apex 2. Hide apps behind other apps, very fluid interface. Each app can nestle 4 other apps behind it. Nice way to clean up your springboard without using folders.

47. Gallifreyan. Changes your lockscreen passcode keypad to logos from Doctor Who. For die hard Doctor Who fans.

48. Barrel. Change the animation when moving between pages. More than 10 to choose from and additional ones can be downloaded from Cydia.

49. BytaFont 2. Change system font. Huge selection of fonts.

50. iCleaner Pro. Free up leftover data from various sources. Never run out of memory again!

Alright guys, after this point, here are extra's I have found and said to be working for iOS8.

Here they are.

51. SaveGram. Save full size instragram photos to your iOS 8 Device.

52. Mobius. Ripped straight from Android, this is an iOS 8 tweaks that allows you to swipe infinitely between pages. Mobius needs the following source to be installed: “”

53. UntetheredHeySiri. This tweak basically allows you to use the new iOS 8 functionality of summoning siri when connected to a power source without needing to press the home button just be saying “Hey Siri” while note being plugged into a power source. Say you are driving and don’t need to be distracted, very useful.

54. Bloard. Bloard, basically stands for black board. Changes your keyboard from a gray to a black. (Better on the eyes if you ask me)

55. BlueBoard. If you don't like Bloard and like more color, blue board changes the buttons blue for you. It all depends on your cup of tea. ;)

My top Used Tweaks:

6. Swipe Selection
14. PandoraSkips
25. Winterboard
26.Springtomize 3 (iOS 7 & 8)
32. JellyLock [Thought it was a cool unlock thing for awhile, got annoying)
49. Bytafont 2
50. iCleaner
51. Savegram
52. Mobius
53. HeySiri
54. Bloard

Those are the main ones I use on the regular. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If there is anything else you think should be added, post below! Thanks guys! Will add pictures later!
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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