30 Sep 2016

Now a form to pay for DarkRP cash on our SickGaming DarkRP Server! 50,000 darkrp cash for only $2! Get it now, click store at the top and choose DarkRP cash!

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By xSicKxSkiLLs

11 Sep 2016

New VIP and SuperVIP groups are added to our SickGaming DarkRP server. Can also buy them through the store now! Check them out!

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By xSicKxSkiLLs

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SickGaming Gmod Server donation system

This is our community's donation system for our Garry's Mod servers. It is fully automatic and you are able to buy various packages for different servers.

Some of the things include DarkRP Cash (In various amounts), VIP, SuperVIP, and Custom classes on our DarkRP Servers.

Click Store at the top next to home to see our packages list.